The Best Wireless Motion Detector Fixes The Problem!

Wireless motion detector installation fixes our problem! Here is a 6-month review of a wireless motion detector from Guardline. This wireless driveway alarm is a simple wireless motion detector that provides home security to keep your family safe and alarms you when motion is detected on your property.

Guardline Wireless Sensors

Here’s the Deal

Cody here with and today we are talking about a simple way to improve the security of your home and property by installing a simple wireless motion sensor that will signal you inside your house anytime someone or something comes onto your property. 

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I wanted a wireless driveway sensor

We recently bought our house and we realized quickly that it was hard to tell when someone was at our front door. I knew there had to be a way where we could get notified whenever someone came onto our property so that we could greet them at the door. 

I also realized it would be nice to know if someone came onto our property late at night.

But it was hard to find the right one

As I started to research different options I soon realized there were monthly fees associated with security systems. Almost anything wireless had some sort of monthly fee to go with it, or the original price was very expensive. I also didn’t know if it would be better to have a motion sensor or to have something under our driveway that would know when a car drove over it. 

If I didn’t find one I would never know when someone pulled up to my house.

We live on a gravel lane with other houses behind us and so we hear cars going by that aren’t coming to our house. If we weren’t able to find some type of sensor to help us we would either be getting up every time we heard a car or we simply wouldn’t know someone came onto our property, and definitely at night that would be nice to know. But I didn’t want to break the bank setting something up!

I realized I knew a friend who could help me find one

It was at this point that I realized someone I knew could probably help me. For those of you who followed our year long road trip around the country, you might remember my friend Dan. The guy with the bees and the one wheel? I remember being in his house and hearing a doorbell sound but no-one was at the door. They told me they had a sensor at the top of their property that signaled them anytime someone drove through. They had a very long driveway, over a half of a mile long, and it made total sense to have a sensor up there.

My friend actually sent the sensor to my doorstep for free

So I decided to contact Dan and tell him about my situation. He responded with “Send me your address.” I said okay he must want to look up my property on google maps or something. So I. Sent him my address. He then responded with “Ok. I got a viable system that’ll be on your doorstep Tuesday. Let me know how it works.”

“You what!?


“I thought you wanted the address just to see what the property looks like

And sure enough it showed up on my door step! 

Hey I just gotta say, Dan is The Man! He’s one of the most generous guys I’ve ever met. 

So even though this post isn’t sponsored by Guardline, it’s pretty much sponsored by Dan! 

Thank you Dan, for all your generosity. 

So let’s get into the details here. There are links down below if you want to check them out for yourself. 

Guardline has two different sensors. One is Green and it has a 1/4 mile range, the other is Brown and it has a 500 ft range. Both battery-powered. 

Then you have the receiver, which notifies you when any of the sensors are activated. You have a large variety of different noises it will make and you can even set up 4 different zones with multiple sensors in each zone on your property with a different alarm noise for each zone. 

So if you wanted a noise for the sensor by your shop and your driveway to be different you could do that. 

We have two different entrances for our driveway. I’ve had one sensor up for almost 6 months now and today I’m going to put up the second sensor. 

I wanted to wait to make this video because I wanted to make sure they worked well enough to share with you and to have some actual positives and negatives based off of experience. 

Let’s start with the positives! 

They actually work! 

-We haven’t had to replace the batteries yet. It says it will notify you when they go dead. 

-It notifies us anytime there is movement coming across the threshold of our property. 

-The volume is adjustable. 

-They are super easy to set up and come with basic instructions. 

– If you want to manually change settings inside the receiver they tell you how to do it. 

– If you have a party at your house your something it’s super easy to turn off or you can hold down the pause button and it will be paused for 30-60 minutes and then turn itself back on. 

-You have multiple different zones with different sounds for each.

-The brown and green coloring makes them less noticeable. 

-They are wireless.

– And they aren’t crazy expensive with monthly payments. 

Now for the negatives. 

– I decided to set a sensor up at my Mom’s house and we found the signal wasn’t as consistent going through her log walls. Sometimes it would go off and sometimes it won’t. Her driveway is 350ft long and there are only a few locations in the house she can put the receiver. Maybe if she had the 1/4 mile range setup it would work better? I don’t know. So it didn’t work out at her house as well. 

– They pick up any movement, so if it’s windy and the trees are moving, or snow is melting down over the top, or it’s raining, sometimes the sensor will keep going off over and over. Keep in mind if you have wildlife on your property they might wake you up in the middle of the night if your sensors are triggered. 

– The noises could be a little bit better quality. They do have a lot to choose from but the sound of them can get annoying if you pick the wrong one. 

The sensors work great and they fixed our problem

Overall it’s been a great little addition to our property and I’m glad we have it. When someone pulls up in their car or walks onto your property we know right away and can go meet them at the door. 

Now I just need to figure out how to set up some security cameras… 

In the meantime, watch some of my videos on youtube.

Hats off to you. 

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